making the switch

November 2, 2009

after some consideration this weekend, i’ve decided to switch to blogger.

please find me here!



currently considering…

October 31, 2009

…switching to blogger.

i’ve heard it’s easier to use and since i’m not {even a little tech savy}…it may be the way to go.

any suggestions?



p.s.-happy halloween & trick-or-treating


…then i saw this

October 30, 2009

i was just feeling blah…then i saw this beauty:

<thanks to this lady for posting it on twitter>


give up

October 30, 2009

today is one of those i want to give up days.

i’ve had a migraine for the past three days…yeah three days! i’m beyond ready for it to go away and it’s really cutting into my homework output. i have so many things due this coming week…

i’d much rather be going to this and watching Hocus Pocus.

hocus pocus

<photo via>

And of course eating tons of Halloween candy. Or even better, at home trick-or-treating with my little cousins.

On the plus side I’ve had tons of sleep the last few days.

Tomorrow will be better. Surely the headache will subside, I have Hocus Pocus on Netflix, and maybe the walking tour will be held tomorrow again as well.

I hope you’re all having lovely (read: low stress, fun & maybe just a little scary) halloween!


show & tell

October 29, 2009

i participated in a little show & tell this week over at bleubird vintage!

it was so much fun!


<image via Bluebird Vintage>

miss james asked us to send a photo of us with something we like:

Photo 28

this is me in my yellow rain coat. i love it because people always smile when i wear it…especially on rainy days.

check it out here, there’s lots of great stuff to see!


giveaway city

October 28, 2009

there is a beautiful giveaway going on at fieldguided sponsored by All Modern.

check it out:


this is such a generous giveaway with some lovely possibilities!

<photo via All Modern via fieldguided>


i would walk 500 miles

October 26, 2009

this weekend i…


<image cred>

braved the rain and cold to play tour guide. we walked and walked and walked to–


the Capital

the several of the Smithsonian museums including:

the American History

the Natural History

and the Air & Space

…and finished up with drinks in Arlington

unfortunately I have no photos to show for it

{new goal: take more photos}

however i do have some serious blisters.

also, watched Indian Jones for the first time ever

[oh Harrison Ford you make one dreamy archeology professor]

and learned the joy of dry shampoo


this week i can’t get enough:

of these pretty cottages



cottage 3

cottage 4

<all images via here>

aren’t they beautiful?

some day I hope to have a little cottage in the country [i’ll have to keep my apartment in the city of course] where we can go apple picking in the fall and swimming in the summer.