Graduation week

August 21, 2009

Things I did in Texas:

A collage of my week in Texas

A collage of my week in Texas

Graduated from St. Edward’s University (more photos coming soon!)

Bought a Diana F+ (really so excited to start using it once my film comes in the mail!)

Saw Julie & Julia (I love Myrel Streep, especially in the movie)

Had late night breakfast at House of Pies

Used my remaining stock of polaroid film (not to worry though, UO to the rescue!)

Bought a bubble umbrella

Visited with my lovely family and friends

Now I’m back to DC reality. I have an interview on Tuesday, which I’m pretty excited about; it’s for an editorial assistant intern position.

I’ve recently learned about the Montgomery County Fair from Taza (who has the sweetest blog that I’m completely addicted to!). So bf and I are going to check out the Texas Longhorn show and a watermelon seed spitting contest, oh and the food. Bf has never had funnel cake so I am really excited for him to try one and of course the infamous corn dogs and fried oreos!

Happy weekend!

images found with wehearit

images found with wehearit


One Response to “Graduation week”

  1. Rachel Says:

    You’re awesome! I love your blog and the photos turned out really cute! 🙂


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