I adore this wedding and also this new show

September 1, 2009

Bf and I watched I love you, Man today and on our usual walk-to-get-a-Frosty date the subject of groomsmaids came up…. Until I saw a photo I was pretty against it… But look how cute this lady is:

A groomsmaid

wedding party + groomsmaid = cute

Anyway while looking up photos of that, I came across such a sweet little wedding. I love it and want mine to be a little like this one:











It’s small, sweet, romantic without being at all fussy…I think it’s just lovely.

<found on Once Wed>


On another note, I can’t wait to see this new show on HBO featuring the fantastic Jason Schwartzman:



3 Responses to “I adore this wedding and also this new show”

  1. paige appel Says:

    thank you for the lovely post!

  2. thewellnicechronicles Says:

    Ah I am so happy you finally saw that movie 🙂 Will and I have seen it about a bajillion times already. Also, I love the idea of having mix and match grooms/bridesmaids. Has sully told you about the dance and dress he has picked out for my wedding day? It is going to be very fabulous. Also, may I have that link to that wedding please, I’m going to share it with green lily and hopefully ecosocials! Love you dearly.

    P.S. I am officially vomit flu free and lost 4.3 pounds. Definitely wasn’t worth it.

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