participation and procrastination go hand in hand

September 24, 2009

I saw this lovely little post from Daydream Lily and decided to participate:


Reading… In Defense of Globalization, The Chastening, and America the Unusual…all fun books for class. Eventually I’ll start reading for fun again. 

Listening… Metric & Catherine Feeny

Cooking…. More enchiladas because I miss my Texas oh so much

Wanting… The crisp autumn weather to come back & colorful tights to go with it 

Making… A dining room set (more like re-finishing really)… photos soon, one more coat of paint hooray!

Loving… So many things! Fall clothes, good TV is back (How I Met Your Mother, GG, Castle!), the fact that I may possibly (finger crossed) study abroad again (this time to India, Indonesia, and Singapore), phone calls from some very special people down south, and of course my darling bf.


<photos a la wehearit>

Feel free to join in and do this post, comment me if you do so I can come read yours.



2 Responses to “participation and procrastination go hand in hand”

  1. Liss Says:

    oh yay for joining in. and YAY for good television back on!! Im watching GG, The Hills and Greys.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Yay enchiladas! Come back to Texas.

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