the time we had to call 911

September 30, 2009

A silly story for this Wednesday:

Last night Chels reminded me of the time bf and I had to call 911.

One evening all the power went out on us.

It was pretty dark.


And then all of a sudden we see this bright blue light coming through the bathroom window.

It was a fire! An electric fire to be precise… A power line was down and had caught fire!

bf: “yeah something’s deffintly on fire…”

me: “what?? omg omg call 911”

<can you tell he’s the calm one?>

So bf dialed and had a nice long chat with the operator–they ask so many questions! What’s your address, what’s your phone number, what kind do you see?? I suppose they don’t want to waste any firefighters time…

Then we decided it was best to eat all the ice cream in the freezer so as not to let it go bad.

ice cream1

A few hours and two tummy aches later the power was restored! We awoke to lots of lights and beeping.

Luckily no one was hurt and since it had rained that day it didn’t cause any real damage.

<photos a la wehearit>


2 Responses to “the time we had to call 911”

  1. thewellnicechronicles Says:


  2. Rachel Says:

    Why have I not heard this?! Did the fire dept. come?!

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