new shoes and weekend news

October 19, 2009

this whole no-job-thing really discourages me from going shopping, however since I moved from Texas to DC I’m really unprepared for winter. This weekend it was cold (about 40 or so degrees) and rainy–and it’s only October!

I was pretty much freezing.

So I got these new saddle shoes from UO!

my new little saddle shoes

my new little saddle shoes

I love them and can’t wait for sweater shopping later this week. I adore fall/winter clothes so I’m excited to actually be able to see the seasons & bundle up!


We had a pretty laid back weekend full of:

-group projects

-the usual Sunday bagels

-a spontaneous mini photo shoot


-movie watching


today I can’t get enough:

…of martha’s carved pumpkins

<not usually a huge halloween person, but wow these pumpkins are awesome!>

we haven’t got our pumpkin yet, but I hopefully next weekend we’ll make it to the pumpkin patch

here are a few of my faves:



<all photos from Martha Stewart>



One Response to “new shoes and weekend news”

  1. olivia rae Says:

    those shoes are too cute, i’ve been eyeing them everytime i go in uo. and love the pumpkins, i’ve yet to carve one but really want to!!


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