i would walk 500 miles

October 26, 2009

this weekend i…


<image cred>

braved the rain and cold to play tour guide. we walked and walked and walked to–


the Capital

the several of the Smithsonian museums including:

the American History

the Natural History

and the Air & Space

…and finished up with drinks in Arlington

unfortunately I have no photos to show for it

{new goal: take more photos}

however i do have some serious blisters.

also, watched Indian Jones for the first time ever

[oh Harrison Ford you make one dreamy archeology professor]

and learned the joy of dry shampoo


this week i can’t get enough:

of these pretty cottages



cottage 3

cottage 4

<all images via here>

aren’t they beautiful?

some day I hope to have a little cottage in the country [i’ll have to keep my apartment in the city of course] where we can go apple picking in the fall and swimming in the summer.



new shoes and weekend news

October 19, 2009

this whole no-job-thing really discourages me from going shopping, however since I moved from Texas to DC I’m really unprepared for winter. This weekend it was cold (about 40 or so degrees) and rainy–and it’s only October!

I was pretty much freezing.

So I got these new saddle shoes from UO!

my new little saddle shoes

my new little saddle shoes

I love them and can’t wait for sweater shopping later this week. I adore fall/winter clothes so I’m excited to actually be able to see the seasons & bundle up!


We had a pretty laid back weekend full of:

-group projects

-the usual Sunday bagels

-a spontaneous mini photo shoot


-movie watching


today I can’t get enough:

…of martha’s carved pumpkins

<not usually a huge halloween person, but wow these pumpkins are awesome!>

we haven’t got our pumpkin yet, but I hopefully next weekend we’ll make it to the pumpkin patch

here are a few of my faves:




<all photos from Martha Stewart>


it’s monday

October 12, 2009

our weekend:

beer & burgers with some new friends

[new] friends over for drinks and guacamole (my secret Texas recipe)

a ruthless match of uno

papers & reading

hot coco & bagels

a seriously needed bang trim


Photo 4

and after coming soon!

i can see again though hooray!

what I’m listening to non-stop:

the new Thao w. the Get Down Stay Down

i’m seriously in love with it.

also, have watched this clip of miss spektor on SNL several times:

oh and if you haven’t read the amazing interview Taza and Husband did check it out here.

what I can’t get enough of today:

Ramona West


<photo a la Ramona>

[lovely vintage finds at reasonable prices]

new blog/girl crush:

olivia at everyday musings

i love reading her sweet posts about life with her bf  in North Carolina spent working at a cupcake shop

look how draling they are:

<photo from everyday musings>


dreaming of:

making it to UO today for some new shoes.

maybe these?


back to writing so I can actually make it there…


ACL dreams and Thao loves

September 28, 2009

Thao With the Get Down Stay Down

Thao With the Get Down Stay Down

<photo via here>

I am so so so excited! One of my fave bands is coming to DC November 6. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down! Oh hooray hooray!

Check out this awesome video:

Andddd…a new CD (Know Better Learn Faster) to be released Oct. 13!


ACL is this week. It’s strange that in the four years that I lived in Austin I never had a real desire to go, but now that I’m here in DC I really wish I could go!

This is what my schedule would look like:

Friday Oct 2.

Medeski, Martin & Wood 2:30-3:30

Andrew Bird 7:30-8:30

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 8:30-9:45

Saturday Oct. 3

Citizen Cope 4:00-5:00

Bon Iver 5:00-6:00

The Decemberists 7:00-8:00

Oh I wish I was in Austin for this!


coco mon cheri

September 21, 2009

Today I can’t get enough of this lovely movie:

I can’t wait for it to open!

And of course the lovely Audrey Tautou.

Especially in this amazing commercial for Chanel No.5:







<images via here>


labor day+monday loves

September 7, 2009

pretty lights

pretty lights

The trip to NYC was a good one. It took us about 7 hours to get there though (it’s supposed to take about 4… Labor day weekend traffic = madness). The drive down last night was luckily much faster. Photos coming soon!

The weekend consisted of:

Drinks with bf’s parents


A little daytime outing to Lambertville for antiquing

A walk across the bridge to PA

Sunday brunch with miss Jenny

Monday homework catchup


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lazy sunday & monday loves

August 31, 2009

This weekend included:

Mason orientation

Watching whole seasons of Coupling on Netflix

Lazy Sunday at the Flea Market @ Eastern Market


Some stuff vendors
Some stuff vendors

Pretty buildings nearby
Pretty buildings nearby

Bf walking trough the market
Bf walking trough the market

Flower vendor

Flower vendor

I took my camera out a bit late because I was distracted by all the lovely hand made, vintage & food goodies. Next time I’ll be sure to take extra photos.
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