i would walk 500 miles

October 26, 2009

this weekend i…


<image cred>

braved the rain and cold to play tour guide. we walked and walked and walked to–


the Capital

the several of the Smithsonian museums including:

the American History

the Natural History

and the Air & Space

…and finished up with drinks in Arlington

unfortunately I have no photos to show for it

{new goal: take more photos}

however i do have some serious blisters.

also, watched Indian Jones for the first time ever

[oh Harrison Ford you make one dreamy archeology professor]

and learned the joy of dry shampoo


this week i can’t get enough:

of these pretty cottages



cottage 3

cottage 4

<all images via here>

aren’t they beautiful?

some day I hope to have a little cottage in the country [i’ll have to keep my apartment in the city of course] where we can go apple picking in the fall and swimming in the summer.



friendly weekend

October 23, 2009

i’m so looking forward to this weekend! some friends i’ve known since elementary school are going to be visiting DC and i really can’t wait to catch up with them. it’s been forever.

this weekend will also include:

-more baking

-[hopefully] a visit to the pumpkin patch

-lots of reading

happy weekend!


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what are you up to?

it’s monday

October 12, 2009

our weekend:

beer & burgers with some new friends

[new] friends over for drinks and guacamole (my secret Texas recipe)

a ruthless match of uno

papers & reading

hot coco & bagels

a seriously needed bang trim


Photo 4

and after coming soon!

i can see again though hooray!

what I’m listening to non-stop:

the new Thao w. the Get Down Stay Down

i’m seriously in love with it.

also, have watched this clip of miss spektor on SNL several times:

oh and if you haven’t read the amazing interview Taza and Husband did check it out here.

what I can’t get enough of today:

Ramona West


<photo a la Ramona>

[lovely vintage finds at reasonable prices]

new blog/girl crush:

olivia at everyday musings

i love reading her sweet posts about life with her bf  in North Carolina spent working at a cupcake shop

look how draling they are:

<photo from everyday musings>


dreaming of:

making it to UO today for some new shoes.

maybe these?


back to writing so I can actually make it there…


Ohh what an unproductive weekend this was. I had plans. Big plans. I was going to do all my reading for class, and well it seems that the best mexican food in DC, Lauriol Plaza, distracted me. Oh, it was truly up to Texas standards, I was in heaven. Saturday we met one of bf’s good friends there and had maragritas and chips & salsa. The one  margarita I had made me pretty much useless the rest of the day…


Lauriol Plaza

<via here>

We did get one thing done:







Next up refinishing our quirky little dining room table.

Tonight it’s all about watching the Emmy’s, eating (double stufff) Oreos, and catching up on readings.

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i’m back!

September 17, 2009

Whoa what a week! On Sunday my hard drive crashed, it was tragic. Luckily the people at Apple are awesome and replaced it for free! Pretty much everything was lost, but I managed to save my music so hooray for that!

Miss James at Bleubird Vintage has a lovely post of a few Etsy things she’s loving. Check out those shoes and animals in suits prints! They’re beautiful as is she and her blog!


From Dear Golden

This is my fave animal in a suit:


From Berkley Illustration

I’ve got some pretty exciting weekend plans including:

1. Making a little house tour video for far away friends

2. Paint kitchen chairs (mustard yellow)

3. Refinish kitchen table

4. Find the perfect vintage cookie jar to add to tiny tiny kitchen

Here are a few I’ve found so far:


From the Lovely’s


From DreamLandCraft


hooray for weekends

September 11, 2009

It’s the weekend! Hooray!

A few reasons I’m excited for the weekend (even though I don’t have a job and it’s kinda like a weekend for me all the time):

1. The Rosslyn Jazz Festival

2. The new Fenton Street market opens

Vintage frames!

Vintage frames!



<all images found here>

3. The weather is starting to feel like fall which means I get to wear my yellow coat (and everyone smiles at me when I wear it)

4. Making chocolate chip cookies

Happy weekend!


croquet weekend

September 3, 2009

This weekend bf and I are driving up to NYC for a little Labor Day bbq at his aunts house, which is actually in Jersey… They live near Princeton University and usually during these weekend bbq’s they go to the art museum there or play croquet. It seems that it’s an all day event. I hope we get to go further into the fall as there is apple picking then.

Should be a good weekend because we’re also going to meet the lovely Jenny for dinner and a play. I can’t wait. Really so excited to see her! Also taking the Diana out for her first test run!!

I think we need a road trip play list though, oh and to pack too… My least favorite part of trips. Would probably like packing considerably more if I had pretty vintage luggage like this:

vintage luggage

vintage luggage

<image found at wehearit>